Episode 21: House of the Devil

All around me are familiar faces...and drama! This week things get tense. Archie drops the L-bomb. Betty gets in touch with her serpent side. FP tastes freedom. Jughead gets in deeper with the Snake Charmer. Oh, and all the couples are in a fight now...except FP and Alice...Join Chris and Brittany as they recap Riverdale Episode 21: House of the Devil.

Episode 20: Tales From the Darkside

Sure, the Black Hood is terrorizing the core four, but what about everyone else? This week, Riverdale follows three stories: Jughead and Archie managing a shipment, Josie experiencing some unwanted attention (in more ways than one), and Betty and Veronica investigating the town’s lead investigator. Join Chris and Brittany as they recap Riverdale Episode 20: Tales From the Darkside.

Episode 15: Nighthawks

Buckle up, Daddy. In the most epic episode of Riverdale yet, Archie makes it all about him. Veronica gets reacquainted with her parents. Betty takes point. Jughead makes a deal. Alice snaps some pics. Josie improvises. And it wasn’t Hiram...or was it? Join Chris and Brittany as they recap Riverdale Episode 15: Nighthawks.

Season 2 Spoilercast

With the premiere just hours away, Chris and Brittany summarize countless hours of twitter-based research and discuss everything they know about season two of Riverdale. They talk about promos, casting news, details from set photos, rumors, and their hopes for the next season. Who will have new love interests? Are we going to see Sabrina any time soon? What’s going to happen with Bughead? Listen in to find out.

Episode 13: The Sweet Hereafter

Now that we know who killed Jason Blossom, there’s only one question left: Why? Plus, Archie performs with Josie and the Pussycats. Alice reveals another Cooper family secret. Jughead visits the other side of town. Cheryl heats things up at Thornhill. And we finally get the steamy scenes we’ve we been waiting for. Join Chris and Brittany as they recap Riverdale Episode 13: The Sweet Hereafter.

Episode 10: The Lost Weekend

It’s time to party. The whole gang converges on Archie’s house for the birthday celebration Jughead never wanted. Veronica is stressed about testifying for her Dad (and Mom, apparently.) Archie wants his parents back together. Betty gets back in touch with her dark side. Join Chris and Brittany as they recap (their favorite) Riverdale Episode 10: The Lost Weekend.

Episode 9: La Grande Illusion

Here’s the deal: everyone’s making deals. Archie’s getting a sweet guitar in exchange for being Jason Blossom 2.0. Veronica is trying to trade her dark past for a new friendship. Polly is exchanging her safety for access to the Blossoms. Alice Cooper doesn’t negotiate. Join Chris and Brittany as they recap Riverdale Episode 9: La Grande Illusion.